Proof that you or your country can issue all the money it needs


Generally history is written by the winners. Students of US history are rarely told about The Greenback Party of the 1870s. This party's main platform was to restore President Lincoln's “Greenback” money. According to some, although the party did not carry the election, it raised awareness of the issues of money creation and the elimination of national debts and, therefore, most taxes, so that newly elected President Garfield planned to bypass any central bank for national money creation, thus, was assassinated only four months into office.

Arguments can be made that both Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy were assassinated for this similar primary reason: using Congress's Constitutional right to print money. According to The Founder And The Issuer, "Since the fall of the dominant paradigm in 2000AD, there have been no more economic-related assassinations worldwide."

What the Greenbackers feared came true with the creation of the Federal Reserve System, the FED. Since this system, designed by international bankers for international bankers, keeps a choke hold on the money supply, the Internal Revenue Service, IRS, and the income tax had to be created. Thus, the Great Depression was inevitable.

Ironically, Hitler and his regime proved the Greenbackers right. Hitler took the German economy from wheelbarrow-toting hyper-inflation to full employment and massive military buildup WITHOUT SUPPORT FROM OUTSIDE BANKERS. If Germany could do it, so can any developing country do away with World Bank and International Monetary Fund, IMF, loans. Imagine a world that uses this economic system for peaceful and intelligent purposes.

A country's currency can be thought of as the country's stock. The same concept can be applied to start up companies seeking investments.

Other authors have elucidated the issue of a private central bank, the FED, but few have valid solutions. In essence, the problem is that the FED does not issue money into circulation; it loans it to large member banks who then loan it out to customers. Thus, there is more money loaned into circulation than can pay it back.  This loan rate is the well-publicized Federal Discount Rate.

The Founder And The Issuer puts forth the most forward-looking solution.

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